I’m A Big Kid Now

This has been a week full of big changes!!! Good ones! Baby girl Lilliann is well over 4 pounds now and is so far breast feeding and taking bottles like a tiny champ! πŸ’ͺ🍼

DFD3B62A-73A6-40DA-BF6A-3BD3BA440808.jpg(Milk drunk on that liquid gold boob juice) 😜

Lilli graduated into a big girl crib this week! Buh bye isolette can’t say we will miss you much! πŸ‘‹ It’s so nice being able to reach in and kiss her perfect little head as we please! πŸ’‹ Time is seriously flying by! Can’t believe we’ve had our princess for over 52 days now! They have been busy, hectic, fun and difficult! It’s been no walk in the park, NICU life isn’t for the weak, we are severely burnt out from the daily visits. It will be so nice to finally be home with her and do NOTHING! Not leave the house or anything, just care for baby girl. We’re getting very close to that point! Lilli decided that once she got into her big girl crib she doesn’t need her nasal cannula anymore either! The Nurse and doctor came into her room Tuesday morning and saw she had pulled out her tubes and they were laying on top of her nose not inside one bit and she was doing just fine! So she is officially off HFNC and doing well for over 3 days now without it.

4734CB96-76B8-460F-B0AF-589C01D37928(Snug as a bug!) πŸ›πŸ¦‹

We have officially decided on a pediatrician and we are very confident that little miss Lilli will be in the best hands through her childhood. πŸ’— Once Lilli is off her morning caffeine which were testing as of today and has no Brady’s and can hold all her feeds via bottle or breast and can pass her car seat test she gets to go home!!! We are so blessed with such an easy going calm baby (for now! πŸ˜‰) We saw Lilli shed her first actual tear getting her ng tube replaced after her second attempt at pulling it out the other day. It seriously broke our hearts! She is such a trooper though! She lives up to her warrior princess nickname with such grace! I look up to that little lady so dang much! We had to file down Lilliann’s nails, those bad boys got long and she kind of scratched her little forehead but didn’t phase her one bit! πŸ’ͺ


I am going back to work next week at least for a few weeks until Lilli is discharged to go home. This will help us pay bills and cover our medical insurance. Gotta try and save money and earn back vacation time since my family leave will be unpaid, while we settle in as a new family and get our home routine down. We can’t wait for Lilli to meet her fur siblings!Β I am nervous yet excited for work. This is the longest I’ve been away from working my whole adult life! pumping at work and hospital visits will be even more exhausting! One thing about Garry not working right now is the fact he will be home to care for Lilliann 100% which really puts this new Moms mind at ease. πŸ‘Œ It will be so hard to be away from her but I know she is in the best hands with her Daddy who she adores and he cherishes her. πŸ’ž

A9653025-D6B8-4FB6-94C9-5675123DD633(Thumbs up for Daddy bonding time) πŸ‘

We can’t wait to get home to get our very own routine down and just fully learn about Lilli. She has already taught us so much in her new life. We will keep up with the NICU feeding and care schedule every 2-3 hours will be our new normal for a while. We’re trying to get as much rest as we can right now until she is home. No more sleeping in when she is officially home bound! Another reason we can’t wait for Lilli to graduate from the NICU is since we didn’t get to do a maternity photo shoot we are going to go all out for her newborn baby photo shoot, we have many ideas & cute outfits and props already prepped and ready for use! 😍 Lilli already looks so cute in clothes!



Author: ourlillwarrior

New Momma to a beautiful premature little warrior princess. This is our journey from the very beginning. <3

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